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    Hair loss is something that both men and women face everyday. The loss of one’s hair can be a very traumatic experience, igniting the feelings of self-doubt and hindering the ability to be able to love yourself to the fullest. According to Medindia, Network for Health a few of the most common reasons for premature hair loss can include: Alopecia areata, Traction alopecia, poor diet, Thyroid or hormonal disturbances, heredity, life changes and trauma. Thinning hair especially for women can cause an emotional impact on one’s self-esteem and can even lead to depression in some cases. Society equates being beautiful with having luxurious hair, culturally it’s also a sign of youth and good health “For many people, their hair is what makes them feel beautiful.” When you lose your hair — for whatever reason, it can be devastating, says Robert T. Brodell, MD, professor of internal medicine of the dermatology section at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in Warren, Ohio.

    Keeping a positive attitude can be hard when the reflection in the mirror continues to fuel negative thoughts. Although there are a number of products out there that promise hair regrowth with a daily supplement or applying a chemically induced ointment to the scalp, very few of them actually deliver results. Lars Skjoth, founder and head of research and development at Harklinikken is changing lives everyday with their signature Extract Treatment. The majority of Harklinikken Extract ingredients are plant-based and include components from whey and plant sources making it a great alternative to popular brands on the market.

    Harklinikken regrows hair in both male and female clients of all ethnicities and ages including chemically treated hair. Following a stringent protocol for accepting clients not everyone is qualified to receive treatment. Clients tend to see results after 4 months of treatment, “Some clients already see and feel results after as little as 3 – 5 weeks, but the time where we suggest making the first actual comparison with the before pictures vs. the current situation, is after 4 months consistent treatment.” explains Skjoth. Over 70,000 men & women have been successfully treated for hair loss with Harklinikken. Clients have regained self-confidence and are leading happier lives because of the Extract! With the market being so saturated it’s hard to believe there is something out there that actually works.

    Harklinikken has large number of female clients, “Women’s hair are thinning just as much as men’s, but in different patterns. Women’s hair thinning is less noticeable until 35 – 50 % of the hair is already lost. I realized more than 20 years back that this was the case, but there was little focus on it so I decided to spend more time on women’s hair problems, causes and ways to effectively get their hair back.” says Skjoth. Women are starting to feel good about themselves with a reflection of that in their everyday lives. From young women planning their wedding to proud grandmothers Harklinikken sees clients young and old which is why early detection is key.


    Kristin from St. Petersburg Florida shares her experience:

    “Because my hair was visibly thinning, I was really worried about it. I saw a lot of different doctors. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I tried other treatments; I tried a lot of different products. None of them were working. Since I’ve been in treatment I no longer worry about my hair thinning. I am no longer looking at my hair for hours each day. I am no longer looking in the rear view mirror, and I am no longer worrying about my hair loss. Within a few months of treatment I started noticing results. About three to four months into treatment, the results were amazing. I was no longer concerned about my hair problem. It wasn’t visible to anyone at all. My hair was shinier, glossier, fuller; the volume was restored, and I was no longer worried about my problem on a daily basis.”

    Harklinikken not only helps change the lives of patients through their Extract Treatment but also offers lifestyle coaching to help optimize the health of their clients. When you look good you feel good inside out making it that much easier to love yourself. Over time Lars noticed the connection between a healthy lifestyle and hair thinning. “We have clinics on three different continents and I have done studies of thousands of people where we suspected nutrition played a role on their overall wellbeing, including their thinning hair.” says Skjoth Clients are getting exposed to daily lifestyle practices that will change their well-being. “At Harklinikken, while the primary intervention is treating the scalp with the customized Extract, a personalized dietary consultation can be essential. The dietary intervention focuses on specific nutritional needs directly related to each client’s type of hair loss. Focus on primary, organically grown, non-processed locally sourced food.” Lars explains. Consultants advise patients to avoid foods like sugars, pastries, white pasta, white rice and white bread. Sticking to a low-glycemic diet and focusing on a diet high in fiber with plenty of essential fatty acids helps to promote natural digestion. In addition inclusion of these types of foods will provide a balanced release of hormones, which greatly influences hair quality. Skjoth stresses “The quality of the food you eat has a vast impact on healthy hair. Recognize the power of eating “real food” and use diet as a one powerful weapon against thin hair.”

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