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    Losing hair may be a dirty little secret to many until it becomes really obvious, but then what? We now have a safe solution, neither tedious nor too time-consuming, to not only slow down the process of losing hair, but to help grow it. Meet Lars Skjoth, the founder of Harklinikken (hair clinic). Losing hair is not just a problem for men any longer. Research has shown that less than 45 percent of women go through life with a full head of hair, due to stress, environmental aggression, or hereditary factors.

    Whatever the reason may be, we now have a solution that works safely. After countless years of research and having had much success in over 70,000 people in Denmark for over 20 years, Harklinikken is available stateside, and is quietly making waves. I signed up because 1) the process is really easy; 2) consultation is via Skype or FaceTime, which is free; and 3) you apply the extracts every night before you go to sleep and wake up to zero residue or stickiness but with volume.

    Harklinikken, Copenhagen.

    How does it work? After uploading high-resolution photos of your head and hair online on the Harklinikken Web site, a specialist will schedule a consultation call with you and let you know the condition of your hair and the time assessment of your treatment. Then, you order the hair extract that is custom-blended for you specifically, along with a correlating shampoo and conditioner, plus a hair mask for dry hair.

    After seeing the incredible transformation of before-and-after treatment photos, I was blown away. These were completely un-retouched, true real-life images, paired with praise from Harklinikken patients who were experiencing life differently, and for the better.

    What’s in this magic potion exactly? Harklinikken’s unique, nutrient-rich proprietary ingredients come from root-plant extracts and proteins, fatty acids, and cow milk-derived elements; it’s a plant-based system without the harsh chemicals. In some severe cases, an extract may be codified with a very low percentage (.04 percent to .08 percent max) of minoxidil toward the end of one’s treatment.

    The extracts are formulated to one’s climate and location, factoring in variations in local tap water since all water has different levels of minerals. In three months’ time, the density of hair growth will be wider. In my hair, I’ve noticed more of a hair glow without any dryness or redness on the scalp. Follicles that may have been dormant start to rise up again. If you stop, it may drop off, but if you start again, it’ll come back. However, you need at least 6 months of application to see a significant change, and by 8-12 months’ time, serious fullness will be noticed.

    Note that the extract formulation changes every time you get a new bottle to maximize its efficacy. To take things even further, the restorative shampoo, which has been 12 years in the making, launches this month. If your issue is minor, this toxin-free, clarifying shampoo alone might do the trick!

    More good news: a Harklinikken clinic is due to open in New York City at the end of summer 2018.

    SunHee Grinnell is Vanity Fair’s beauty director, responsible for expanded beauty coverage in the magazine, and on the Web.

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